H.O.T , Legend of Korean Idol Group and their profile

I want to spazz about H.O.T. For those who are new to K-pop or maybe just not interested with other than their idol group, they maybe DO NOT KNOW who is H.O.T is. I mean, SERIOUSLY DO NOT KNOW!! As a not-to-old involve with K-pop compared to other unnie I know, I proud to introduce the LEGEND OF IDOL GROUP before many idol group out there right now debut, H.O.T or the full name is High-Five Of Teenagers.



 FOREVER H.O.T!! Forever white ocean!! ^_^

Debuted late 90’s,which is 1996 and disbanded on 2001, H.O.T has left a big impact to music industry in Korea. (Just want you guys to imagine that H.O.T’s fans back then is equal to Cassiopeia + ELF these days. Aren’t they scary powerful?? ^__^;)

Anyway, some of their songs are being remake by idol group such as Super Junior. Remember Haengbok (Happiness) sang by Super Junior?? Well, that’s actually H.O.T’s song. So, please do not argue that actually Super Junior’s song. That’s actually H.O.T.

Here is H.O.T debut song, Warrior Descendants. (the beat is SICK, I tell ya. XD) (credit:- DTHforever)

A bit info about the song:-
Warrior Descendants, H.O.T.’s debut song. This song, with its powerful message to the teenagers of the time, was one of the greatest factors on making H.O.T. the idols of the younger generations. The message of anti-violence in schools and anti-bullying strongly influenced the teens of the time, as bullying and violence in Korean schools were (and still are) big issues.

That’s why I tell you.. Idol Group back days are giving us more useful message rather compared to now. Especially SM’s artistes.What a waste of talent.

Info for this 5 members that is a legend in idol group line are.. click ‘read more’

(P/S:- this is old profile. Height and Weight may differ compared to this days. However, most of the pictures are recent ones. Starting 2000, music industry of Korea allowed coloured hair. Before, only black hair is allowed and others are strictly prohibited.)


he is still pretty and lol.. older version of Kim Jaejoong (TVXQ/JYJ) and Karam (D-NA).

Leader-Sub Vocalist
Name : Moon Hee Jun(문 희 준)
DOB: 14th March 1978
Height/Weight : 173cm/58kg
Blood Type : B형

 his style after HOT is better.. Woo Hyuk is one of greatest dancer!! Older ver. of Yunho (TVXQ).

Main Rapper- Dancer
Name : Jang Woo Hyuk (장 우 혁)
DOB : 8th May 1978
Height/Weight : 176cm/60kg
Bloodtype: O형

 Older Version of Yoochun. Almost similar bg with him. Even his look and voice. Hurmm.. Now, a president for his own company.

English Rapper
Real Name: An Seungho (안 승 호)
Stage Name : Tony An (토니 안)
DOB : 7th June 1978
Height/Weight : 175cm/57kg
Blood Type: O형

 This is Kangta. Not Siwon!! He’s the last one (or maybe still) with SM Ent.

Lead Singer
Real Name: An Chil Hyun (안 칠 현)
Stage Name : 강타 (Kang Ta)
DOB: 10th October 1979
Height/Weight : 178 cm/65 kg
Bloodtype : B형

 Can’t believe he looked great more than when he’s H.O.T. But I think, than Tony he’s more akin to Yoochun (TVXQ/JYJ).

Sub Rapper & Sub Vocalist
Name: Lee Jae Won (이 재 원)
DOB: 5th April 1980
Height/Weight : 180cm/60kg
Bloodtype : A형

Okay, finish their intro. Adding one of their hit song, Candy!! And Warrior Descendants & Candy translation lyrics.

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