55 B1A4 facts~

B1A4 Facts!


b1A4 funny pic~



1. B1A4 stands for Be the one all for one, meaning “perfect form when five (people) into one”

2. B1A4 also mean a member of blood group B (baro), and 4 blood group A (JinYoung, Sandeul, Gongchan and CNU)

3. They are under the auspices of WM Entertaiment

4. B1A4’s first mini album titled Let’s Fly with OK as the title song single album


6. Sangho Lee hits the best-selling creator-owned BEAST, T-ara, Cnblue, Ft.island, and Lee Seung Gi is the main producer of the album Let’s Fly

7. Im Sanghyuk (BEAST’s main songwriter), Dawoon, and Wheesung to participate in the making of the album Let’s Fly

8. OK MV was released on 21 April and their debut April 23 on Music Core

9. JinYoung in addition to good singing, he is also a songwriter .. there are some songs that he wrote his own B1A4 like Bling Girl

10. Baro nyiptain also own part he sing rap

11. CNU was enthusiastic as the name of health, so she likes to exercise

12. Gongchan is maknae, but fans mostly noona’s. he says hell noona like the same-this noona gongchan because she’s got ‘Angelic smile’

13. When Sandeul smiled, as if he could share the happiness to the people around

14. B1A4 including one rookie group of fans already booming even before their debut!

15. All members think that if JinYoung ga kayak leader, he was considered too cute for a leader …


16. CNU is the oldest member


17. Sandeul member who has been known in Korea before joining the B1A4, she won many singing awards

18. In the mini-album, ‘Lets Fly’, the members include Hyunseung BEAST in the ‘Thanks To’

19. CNU members highest with 182, followed Gongchan 181 and third members 178 series, aka the same height

20. During the making of MV OK, Baro and JinYoung often really joke.

27. Many say if JinYoung similar Seunghyun Minhwan & FT Island, Jinwon 2AM, Lee Seung Gi, actor Jung Il Wo, Moongeun ZE; A and Eunhyuk Super Junior

28. Gongchan exactly like Jonghyun SHINee, CN Yonghwa Blue, Donghae Super Junior, Dongwoon B2ST, Jonghun FT Island and Kim Soo Hyun

29. If CNU, spelled like FT Island Jaejin & Hongki, Thunder MBLAQ, Gikwang B2ST

30. Sandeul, sort of like the same Kangin Super Junior, BigBang Seungri, Dongho Ukiss, Lee Junki, Jonghyun and Onew SHINee Blue CN

31. Baro, sort of like the same G Dragon BigBang, Lee Sungmin Super Junior and SHINee Onew

32. Sandeul look thinner than his picture when pre-debut

33. JinYoung nicknamed ‘Lip Bitting Leader’ because she likes to bite hislip-biting

34. CNU was able to shake his head-goyangin

35. Oh yea forgot you know the meaning of the name it what CNU. SHIN =C * in english C read Shi ‘. dong = N * if the letters are taken from the middle, and Woo = U

36. Their debut on Mnet Countdown second and third in the Music Bank. except Inkigayo TAT

37. When mini fanmeet early in their debut, there are 100 fans in attendance.

38. They also can be a lot of gifts from fans, and they said they liked it and will maintain a given cookie lifetime * meant * with their fans always grateful to the liver

39. Gongchan nickname is turtle gongchan TurChan * * because of his face reminiscent of a turtle (ddakoma? Lol)

40. Baro is hamBARO nickname, which he said he looked like a hamster really the same animal.lol

41. Nickname Sandeul is bunnydeul, because he reminded his face with a rabbit.

42. CNU is a member of the most polite, but not as cool as a leader. And he’s also quite fussy ^ ^

43. JinYoung is a member who is very quiet and even when he smiles: O

44. Sometimes, when Baro trying to look cool but he failed, it only made him look very cute XD

45. Personality Sandeul like the sun, he’s smart and she shines

46. Sometimes, Gongchan looks mature, sometimes also looks very excited, he is a member of both the most fans after JinYoung * and I’m one of them, lol

47. JinYoung is a leader in a cool and shy.

48. Baro looks like a child, he likes to bite his lip like JinYoung

49. Leader JinYoung characters: the blessed with exceptional musical talent, JinYoung will make you pass out with the work he made

50. CNU Multiplayer characters: health enthusiasts, CNU can not only sing and rap, but he’s also good at playing some games, like basketball.

51. Cute characters Baro Rapper: Do not let him fool you with his cute face, because the sound Baro and rap to the contrary.

52. Smiling Sandeul character: he is most often smile, but when he was singing he would be serious, that’s why he became the main vocals.

53. Flower Boy Gongchan character: because of his face that caught many innocent hearts of noona’s, considering Gongchan is maknae within the group.

54. Friends do not recognize Sandeul ,Sandeul when his debut as B1A4, because he does not wear glasses, but softlense.

55. Fans in Hong Kong gave the Stars named B1A4 B1A4


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