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  1. FT Island received a life-sized female mannequin from Japanese fan recently.
  2. Jonghun: ” I think they probably thought we were feeling lonely because we were overseas. But we didn’t know what to do with that doll.”
  3. The life-sized doll from the Japanese fan is in Hongki’s room and he mentioned he only brush it’s hair once.
  4. Jonghun and Seunghyun: ” When the members are in the shower, Hongki films it and blackmail us.”
  5. Usually idols would say 1, 2, 3 before they greet the audience but FT Island just greet naturally as they are in this industry for quite long.
  6. Hongki once ask Seunghyun to take off his underwear immediately becuase it’s his.
  7. Once, Hongki was sad when he went home one day because he found the other members watching other TV shows instead of his drama.
  8. Minhwan and Jaejin was rustic before but after getting meeting a lot of…

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